Many people ask me about the Bolt IoT platform. There are many makers, developers, and hobbyists who waste a lot of time, money, and energy building an IOT product. Going the traditional way to build such a product is boring.

Bolt Is an IoT platform that lets you control or monitor things over the internet with bold it’s just a few steps connected to sensors or actuators to boldly write a short code visualize the data or control your devices over the internet.

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For Example:-

bike tells me it’s using too much fuel and I better get it serviced. My plants tell me they’re not getting enough water or sunlight so what the bolt basically does is that it collects and visualizes necessary data for monitoring.

Many of the sensors you can also remotely operate and things like a robot and run machine learning algorithms to predict its battery health over time and replace it before a breakdown suppose you wanna know how efficiently you run every day or keep a track of it on a daily basis you can do this either by taking a note or by developing a simple monitoring or control system using a bolt.

  • How Bolt Works?

Bolt IoT is a completely integrated platform the board app identifies a chip when it’s powered on and connects it to the Internet network you’ve set up then establishes a secure connection with your cloud account and notifies you once it’s completed.

The cloud dashboard lets you create products in just two steps. All you need to do is configure your hardware and write code to either monitor the data from your sensors or controller device. The platform’s open API lets you add your own tools to the dashboard and connect it to different apps for your own unique project.

The cloud lets you receive notifications of critical events and with a single click lets, you run machine learning algorithms to predict future data or to even detect anomalies in your machines and prevent a failure well ahead of time the platform is language independent and lets you work with any of your favorite coding languages this helps you save time and avoid unnecessary complications.

bolt iot

The best part is the most economical IT platform available. Bolt is applicable in large-scale industries as well. You can integrate bolts with your heavy-duty machines and this and ensure they are performing at their optimum level.

Simply bolt IoT is where all over is to build an IT product or project come to an end so as you see the possibilities are limitless whether you want to monitor your own performance or the performance of your products.

Whether you are a businessman a developer or a maker whether you from the banking industry, the FMCG industry, or the automobile industry bold will save you a lot of time and effort and we want you to be part of this revolution with Bolt.

At last, you can shop a bolt IoT platform with the Wifi module from amazon through the link below…This powerful platform comes with a Wi-Fi chip to interface your sensors and devices. You also get free access to the Bolt Cloud to collect, store and visualize your data. The platform also has an inbuilt Machine Learning feature. The APIs let you import or integrate your own personalized tools for your IoT projects. This product also includes tutorials for building IoT projects and support via the Bolt Community which makes it an excellent choice, if you want to get your hands on IoT development.

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