Frequently Asked Questions

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What happens when a post is added to Towards Robotics?
You will be listed as a writer for Towards Robotics and your post will use the publication’s URL, but will still be available on your profile. Your post will be distributed in the feeds and digests of your followers, plus the followers of the publication. You stay in control of your post and we only directly edit your content to correct basic spelling mistakes and update minimal formatting. You can remove your post at any time.
How can Towards Robotics help me reach a broader audience?
Articles published on Towards Robotics are published on We feature our best content on our publication. Every single day, we share the best articles we’ve published with our active social community: Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram.
Where does my post appear once published?
If your post is recent, it will appear on our homepage below “Latest.” Depending on your tags, your post will also appear on our different pages. Your post will still appear on your profile and our publication feed.
Do I need to pay to read your publication?
No, we’ll always have free articles available to read for everyone interested in Robotics.