Robotics, the new way of doing things does not seems new now as they were already existing years ago, but the catch is now they are not limited to specific loop works of factories but are of use real use in the actual world. 

Probabilistic robotics is a new and expanding place in robotics, involved with understanding and control in the face of uncertainty. Building on the subject of mathematical data, probabilistic robotics endows robots using a brand new degree of robustness in real-world scenarios. Let us first look at the importance of the field of robotics as a whole and then we will dive into a basic introduction to Probabilistic robotics.

  • Be it be space exploration, medical applications, personal services, entertainment, and military support. 
  • But this is not an easy job as we can not code the real world it is full of uncertainty, we can not predict the future, but we can get some choices out of which one will be the possible outcome, yes you thought right here probability comes in action and programming robots with the help of possibility is called as probabilistic robotics. 
  • In the list of such developed robots, we have an example of three robots.
  •  A commercially deployed autonomous straddle carrier, an interactive museum tour-guide robot, and a prototype robotic assistant called Nursebot are made for the elderly.
  •  It was developed at the University of Sydney. It’s capable of transporting containers faster than a trained human operator and that too with more accuracy
  • The tour-guide robot also safely guides the visitors through densely crowded museums, including the Smithson- ian Museum of Natural History in Washington, D.C.
  •  This Nursebot is being developed jointly by Carnegie and Mellon University, the University of Pitts- burgh, and the University of Michigan made it to interact with older adults, and these can assist them in their day to day tasks. These robots all have to deal with Uncertainty/Not sure events, or we can say the event which they are uncertain of.


evolution robotics
Robots technological evolution from primitive wheeled droid over four-footed android to humanoid cyborg

Probabilistic Robotics :

  1. The probabilistic robotics approach means the use of conditional probability distributions to guide the robot. Such models are commonly denoted by p(x’ |u,x). This modeling includes models, sensors, and the physical world
  2. The biggest challenge they have to cross is finding their position, which is solved by probabilistic state estimation, which takes parameters like the robot’s configuration, such as its location relative to an external coordinate frame.
  3.  This problem of estimating is often referred to as localization and Parameters specifying the location of items in the robot’s environment, such as the location of doors, walls, and objects. This problem is known as mapping; it is regarded as one of the most challenging issues like the dimension around robots changes over time. 
  4. For example, the location of an object may change. This problem is like the mapping problem in robots, with more added difficulty like changing positions over time, which is hard to cope with. 
  5. This article is offering an introduction to the diverse field of probabilistic robotics.
  6. The key idea is a commitment to probability distribution as the underlying representation of information in robots. 
  7. The related approaches provide sound solutions for the integration of inaccurate model information and noisy sensor data. 
  8. Probabilistic robotics is a rapidly growing sub-field of robotics because of its ability to accommodate the sens- for noise and uncertainty that naturally arises in robotics. 
  9. While many research challenges remain, it has led to fundamentally more scalable solutions to many severe problems, specifically in Mobile-robotics.
  10. Moreover, it has led to deep mathematical insights into the structure of these issues and their solutions, and the probabilistic techniques have proved their value in robotics. 

Hope you enjoyed this introductory article on the subject of probabilistic robotics and I shall update more advanced material on the subject upon response. Your feedback in the comments would be great. You may also check out this article on the trends in robotics Robotics (here) if you find the field interesting.

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